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CEBU CITY, Phils. July 24, 2013.-  "Freedom: It's your choice!" Under this theme about 350 young students from the final years of high school, met on July 20 and 21, 2013 at Sacred Heart School - Ateneo de Cebu, coming from different schools all over Cebu and Bohol to participate in Convivio, an international congress for Catholic youth, held for the second time in Asia.

Participants got together to reflect what today’s society thinks freedom is, they shared personal experiences and thoughts and proposed explanations and answers to the problems and challenges they experience each day. The Congress was officially inaugurated by Emeritus Cardinal Ricardo Vidal. His eminence encouraged the youth to be true to who they are, rooted in Christ their true friend, for them to find authentic freedom. The participants received an apostolic blessing from the Pope, His Holiness Pope Francis through the country's Papal Nuncio Most Reverend Edward Joseph Adams.


Musical "I can" was featured on the WYD Rio 2013


The musical "I can" (“Yo puedo”) from the school "Joy in the Lord" (“La Alegría en el Señor”) of the Servants of God's Plan was presented in Nilópolis on july 24 as part of the Youth Festival of World Youth Day 2013.



The cast that is made up of young students with various types of physical disabilities and young volunteers, did not surrender despite the torrential rain that broke out that afternoon. Despite the rain they took the decision to sing before the enthusiastic pilgrims and friends who attended overcoming inclement weather and who cheered the show heartily. Once again the message of strength, faith and optimism came clear. The joy goes beyond the audience's applause, it´s strength comes from a life founded in the Lord Jesus.


Servants of the Plan of God gave joy to the youth participating in the World Youth Day in Rio with their music


Lima, 23 de Julio 2013.-A large group of Servants of the Plan of God have been taking part in the World Youth Day (WYD) 2013 in Rio de Janeiro where we had the opportunity to participate in the Youth Festival sharing our music. The musical group of the Servants was invited to make an artistic presentation in the first day of the WYD in the “Campo San Bento”, in Niterói, one of the three major sub-venues of the event.

misa card lima


The ministry through music is for us the Servants a privileged way of proclaiming Christ and witnessing to the joy of following Him. This is why it has been a great joy for us to participate in the Youth Festival, showing the Lord Jesus to so many young people who seek Him and who have had the opportunity to encounter Him in these intense days.