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Blessing of our chapel and first Holy Exhibition Mary Immaculate Community - San Luis home

With great joy we want to share the great blessing of having Jesus now present in our chapel, already with us in our beautiful mission.  

On 4th June, Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord, in a beautiful Eucharist presided by Mons.Tomasi Pacific, auxiliary Bishop of Lima, the blessing of our chapel and the reserving of the Blessed Sacrament took place. In His presence in the Eucharist, Jesus is going to be with us permanently from this moment onwards, to give grace to us and to all the people in need we serve in the home, especially for the children. 
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In his homily, Monsignor Tomasi spoke about the meaning of the date that Jesus had chosen to come to our chapel, the day when the whole Church celebrates his Eucharistic presence with special devotion. This is a detail of his loving providence that we must not fail to treasure in our hearts, and it invites us to be always reverent towards His sacramental presence and to keep it with love. Monsignor also urged us to become aware of the blessing that it is to have Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, because there are so many Christians who currently do not have this gift.

BendicionCapilla MI 3The children from the Nursery and the Home were the first who wanted to welcome Jesus in the Eucharist, and they had the opportunity to offer gifts that they had made themselves in the first exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Between songs and prayers, they are building their piety and the certainty that Jesus remains with them forever. 
The arrival of the Lord has already brought blessings end grace to this new mission of the Servants, and we hope that His grace will continue to transform the hearts of all who approach Him, especially many parents who need to experience the Lord’s closeness during the difficult times that they face. We count on your prayers for this mission that the Lord gives us. 
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2nd Anniversary

“Thanks to the Lord Jesus, who allowed us to have these two years. All of us are happy. I am eternally grateful to Jesus Christ. Long live Jesus!" – This were the words of our friend Alberto, who begs every day at Jirón de la Union. This was one of the testimonies we heard in the Second Anniversary of the "Find Christ" project that we carry out every Tuesday in downtown Lima.


PP 02feb2014

It began with the Eucharist. Many arrived early to the Church of St. Augustine to thank the Lord, who has provided a path of conversion for them through this project, giving them new opportunities and a sense of meaning to their lives. The priest stated in his homily: “"God’s Plan is certainly full of joy and service to the Lord in every moment of our lives. The Christian’s project does not only take place during moments, it is the dedication and the consecration of an entire life to Christ’s service.”. 
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After mass, a celebration was carried out in a place where we could provide over 50 of our friends, who live in the streets, with a nice dinner. With smiles, dances and testimonies they demonstrated the joy of being loved by God. Mr.Delfin, who has been attending the project for more than a month, was deeply touched when he told us: “These five weeks... have turned me into a new man. I cannot keep to myself what I feel... and although I cannot express it very clearly, I am grateful for these five weeks, even though they are not many ... but for me it is so much, thank you, thank you, thank you…I thought I didn’t deserve this, but you say I do. Thank you.

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Find Christ” is a project that takes place every Tuesday. We seek for the most forgotten people, who live a difficult life on the streets. Many of them sleep under the Rimac or Trujillo bridges; others sleep on the streets of the Santa Rosa passage, trying to receive some food in the dining rooms in downtown Lima.
For us, it is an honor to serve them because Jesus is asking us to help. It is God who seeks them, and despite the fact that they could have made some mistakes, the Church and God welcome them and ask them to return to Him, reminding them how valuable they are, that they are loved by God, that He does not forget them and, with the grace of the sacraments, He has converted many and continues to do so. 
Encuentra CristoThis is the testimony of Fernando, who, with God’s mercy, learnt to understand that he is loved. After having led a life in which he did not find meaning, and living with many vices, this realization was enough to transform him into becoming the most faithful man living on the streets from the project: "I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I give thanks to Jesus and the Virgin Mary, to the sisters, the candidates and all the members of the project.” He also encouraged others: “Come to Jesus and find his pure, tender and understanding love, the merciful love that God gives us. " 
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We thank God for allowing us Servants to witness the power of charity in the life of our brothers and sisters on the streets, and we ask Him to continue doing His work and guide us along the paths that He already thought of for this project. Long live Jesus!





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Eleven sisters go a step further in their vocation

Yesterday, August 25th, eleven sisters from the formation center "The Servant of the Lord" from Peru , Colombia , Ecuador , Brazil , the Philippines and Japan have taken a further step in living out their vocation, taking their second promise through which they receive the white veil. With this sign that they will carry from now on, the sisters express their total consecration to God and will be fully available to the apostolic mission that the Lord entrusted to the Servants of the Plan of God, especially the service to those who are most in need. We share some  photos.

PP 02feb2014