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Lima, March 7, 2012.- With great joy on the 7th of last March, in the church “Our Lady of Reconciliation” a multitude gathered to accompany seven sisters who professed their perpetual promises of Full Apostolic Availability in the Servants of the Plan of God. The sisters Catalina Barco, Ana María Delgado, Jennifer López, Carmen Reyes, Daniela Ruiz, Ana Velásquez and Carolina Sanabria who come from different parts of Peru and one of them from Costa Rica, professed their perpetual promises in a Holy Mass presided by Monsignor Felipe Bacarreza, bishop of the diocese of Saint Mary of the Angels in Chile. During his homily, Monsignor Bacarreza remarked the testimony of generosity to the Plan of God of each one of these sisters, who facing a world that many times excludes God “declare to us that it is worthy to give this life to God, that is worthy to follow Christ who has called them”.

Monsignor Bacarreza reminded all the assistants that vocation is a call that God makes from eternity:, “the vocation of each one of these seven sisters has a lot of history. That history goes back to the eternity of God. God chose each one of them before the creation of the world”. Besides, he remarked that it is “an exclusive decision of God that each one of them would come to exist in this precise time of history”.

In another moment, he emphasized the free answer to God’s call. “What part do they have in the mystery of vocation? There is a moment in their personal histories when Christ came to their encounter, they met Him and made a choice for Him forever”. He also said that the mystery of vocation is something that can be understood only by those who know Christ, “the sisters want to share the chalice of Christ. They are decided to go with him until the last consequences. They want to follow Christ with the cross”. Finally, Monsignor Bacarreza remarked,“christian love consists in seeking the good for the others. The biggest measure of love is the giving of one’s own life for the eternal salvation of others. That is what the sisters want to do”.

The community of the Servants of the Plan of God was founded in 1998 by Luis Fermando Figari, in the Archdiocese of Lima. They discover the invitation of the Lord Jesus to live full apostolic availability, reaching the Gospel to all. They seek to live charity intensively with a special attention to the needy, fragile, sick and poor, to all brothers and sisters that suffer. At the present time they have developed their apostolate in countries of America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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