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Cardinal sent hundreds of youth to meet the Pope

Lima, July 14th 2013.-We share the news that was posted in the website of the Archdiocese of Lima about the Mass of delivery for the young pilgrims that will go to the WYD. Come and see the play in the WJD in Rio: Wednesday 24 of july, 21:30 , Rua José Martins esq. Rua Carmela Dutra, Nilópolis.

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Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani presided the Solemn Mass of delivery for more than 300 young pilgrims of the archdiocese that will go to the World Youth Day (WYD) that will take place from July 23 to 28 in Río de Janeiro (Brazil), with the presence of the Holy Father Francis.

“I bless with much joy those who will be with Pope Francis in Río de Janeiro. We must never put apart the friendship with Jesus, who I am sure, in this WYD will make lots of miracles in the hearts of young people”, he said.
“We must be attentive to listen to Him, to obey Him and not be afraid of making efforts. It is a great task the one that the Pope is going to play in Río de Janeiro in the last week of July”, he added.

At another point, he urged the youth gathered in the cathedral to be friends of Jesus.
“Friendship is something valuable. Jesus wants to be your friend. Maybe He is going to put conditions: obey, pray, go to Sunday mass, live a pure life, be friend of your friends. If you have a friend like Jesus, be assured that He understands you, He loves and listen to you”, he said. He also encouraged them to take words and actions of closeness with the people around us that need us.

“My neighbor is the one who needs my help. That is why we have to learn to share with others and participate in their pains. Share what you have: friendship, prayer, confession, Eucharist. In that way we are truly friends of our neighbor”, he urged.
“Take care with love of that child, of that sick person, of that friend, give them your time, and show Christ through your words and deeds. And in this way Jesus will place in your heart a love that brings you great joy”, he said.

A delegation from the school “The Joy in the Lord” (“La Alegría en el Señor”) participated in the Mass. This school is run by the Servants of the Plan of God were they educate children and youth with physical disabilities. They will present a number called “I can” (“Yo puedo”) in the WYD. After the Mass the Archbishop of Lima blessed them and shared a few moments with them.

Bendición del Cardenal Cipriani, Arzobispo de Lima