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Visita de Mons. Luis Gerardo Cabrera a “Jacinta y Francisco”

Guayaquil, 9 May 2016.-
On the last 6th of May we had the great joy of receiving in our Center for Intellectual Disability "Jacinta and Francisco", the visit of our Archbishop in Guayaquil, Monsignor Luis Gerardo Cabrera.



Monsignor Cabrera toured the various facilities of our Center visiting the workshops, the pastry area and the art workshop, where he could appreciate the work of our students. He also had the opportunity to see the works of art that they have recently prepared for the First Art Exhibition of the Center.

The visit took place in a very friendly atmosphere in which our students could personally greet the bishop who warmly encouraged them to share with him their experiences and activities.   
Visita de Mons. Cabrera 
A special moment of the visit was the blessing of the oratory where students and workers can have a daily meeting with God in prayer. In the words Monsignor addressed in a loving way to the young women he emphasizing God's mercy with them: "Remember that God is always happy with you, He is happy. This is what I came to tell you, He makes a party, He makes a party with each of you. You are the beloved, the chosen of God. God has also placed the sisters on your path, they are a gift to you, as you are a gift to them".
The Center for Intellectual Disability "Jacinta and Francisco" seeks to educate and integrally form, from the Catholic faith, young ladies with intellectual disabilities. They are given the necessary education and training to enhance all their skills and abilities in order to help them achieve adequate social and labor insertion. The Center offers different therapy services, psychological care, comprehensive training, art workshops, Christian and moral formation and different labor insertion workshops.