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Angola (Huambo)

It's a great joy for us to serve our brothers in need in Africa through the work being done by our sisters in Angola since 2005.

Our community is located in the city of Huambo from where we are committed to the health needs and education in the country through the medical service of a sister and evangelistic work that drives the community in various projects of pastoral care and campaigns and solidarity missions.

We also run courses for young Catholic leaders and formation courses in faith and preparation for the sacraments. In addition we belong to catechesis and health committees of the diocese.



Philippines (Cebu)

With the ardor of proclaiming the Lord Jesus to the world in 2003 we founded our first community outside America. There we take care of pastoral work in various schools in the city and educate in the faith to youth and adults through workshops, leadership workshops, conferences, retreats, Bible groups, and so on.

One of our sisters teaches in the "University of San Carlos" where we also support on campus ministry. We also develop health pastoral work, visiting hospitals and giving spiritual support to patients, running a project of catechesis and nutrition of low-income (“Feeding programs") with other human development activities.

We are also in charge of the Christian Life Movement, where we direct and support services and associations of youth groups, children, adults and families.



Italy (Rome)

We arrived in 2006 at the heart of the Church, Rome. During the last couple of years we have doing pastoral work with the sick. Also one of our sisters works in the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Health through projects aimed at health workers and the moral and ethical issues related to health.

We also develop our apostolate working with various catechetical programs in several parishes and leading prayer groups, youth, evangelizing and helping in the promotion of families.