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Before the challenges which arise in the Third Millennium we seek to be prepared in order to respond with an evangelic spirit and in communion with the Church to the challenges which we face.

When we start to live our consecrated life we move in to the center of formation “La Sierva del Señor”. In a communitarian environment of prayer and study, the Servants receive a complete formation which contemplates the spiritual and liturgical life, self knowledge, spiritual retreats, deepening in the faith of the Church, study and the intellectual formation, sports, development of artistic and musical capacities as well as formation for the apostolate.

We have a complete program of formation which gives solid bases for the human and spiritual development. By its side we have a program of intellectual formation that contains courses of philosophy, theology, humanities and deepening in our particular spirituality.

When the basic formation ends, beside having a program of permanent formation, we seek to complement this formation making studies or specializations in different professional careers so that each sister can make a more effective apostolate serving in the mission and the Plan of God with the gifts God has given each.

Our spirituality

The Servants are part of the Sodalite Family which arose in 1971 and is extended through numerous countries in five continents. We live the Sodalit Spirituality counting with characteristics and an impostation of our own.

Our spirituality is Marian and Christocentric. As Servants of the Plan of God we are inspired in our apostolate by the example of Holy Mary in the passages of the visit of Mary to Elizabeth and Cana Weddings. When Mary serves her cousin Elizabeth, she carries the Word in her immaculate womb, bringing the Good News and at the same time serving and helping her in moments of need. In Cana, Holy Mary is paradigmatic in her attitude of prompt and effective service to the needy, showing in her actions her relation with her Son. She is for the Servants a model of prayer and action.

The apostolic dimension is a characteristic of the Servant’s life. We seek to join with our own lives to the Lord and give glory to Him with our actions so that prayer and action are conjugated in an apostolic unfold oriented to charity perfection.

Spiritual Life

In order to respond to the call that God makes to us, we Servants of the Plan of God seek to have the Lord Jesus in the center of our lives. We aspirate to live intensively the dimension of prayer in strong moments of our personal and communitarian life, and also seeking to make our life and daily action a continuous prayer.

The Servants seek to follow in our prayer the method of Holy Mary, who treasures and ponders everything in her heart. We see her as a model, incentive and guide to go through the path of prayer so we can come closer to the Lord Jesus.

Our target is to reach the perfection in charity, seeking to live in our lives the process of becoming love itself advancing in our path to holiness guided by Mary. We seek to live intensively our sacramental life, participating in the Sacred Liturgy and nourishing our spiritual life reading the Holy Scriptures, praying the rosary, between other practices. The reverent and conscious participation in the Eucharistic Celebration and visits to the Blessed Sacrament are occasions to encounter with the Lord. These moments are the basis of our lives as Servants. In this encounter we see ourselves strengthened and renewed in our participation in the Easter mystery where the sense of our apostolic service is founded as a giving of ourselves.

Communitarian Life

Communitarian life is a fundamental part of our call. We are called to live in Communion of Love like the Holy Trinity. For that reason we discover in our communitarian life a concrete space to unfold ourselves in charity, which we seek to transmit to our brothers in our apostolic mission.

WeServants seek to live our communitarian life like the community of the Apostles who gathered around Mary, centered their lives in the Lord Jesus and seeked to give testimony that Love is real and it can be lived.

In communitarian life the Servants find an opportunity to be friends in the Lord, a space of knowledge and encounter where we celebrate faith and share the grace and the gift of our vocation. At the same time it is an excellent mean to grow and receive grace in our path to holiness.